Volkswagen Beetle 1945 interior -

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Volkswagen Beetle 1945 interior

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8. Original center-dial dash found on all but very last “split-window” cars  9. Slim-spoke black steering wheel used on base model 10. Choke knob on the floor 11. Indicator switch is integrated into dashboard top 12. Wicker shelf under dashboard is a period accessory  13. Cloth seat covers typical of European cars of the 1940s  14. Pivoting backrest aids access to rear

The Beetle’s interior was never hugely spacious, nor was trunk space particularly generous-at least until the 1302 came along, with its luggage capacity increased by an impressive 85 percent. It was therefore useful that there was a deep trough behind the rear seat, whose backrest usefully folded forward. The dashboard was always sparse, with only the 1303 having a modern molded-plastic dashboard.
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