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Under the hood Volkswagen Beetle 1945

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15. Simplicity of engine compartment; later cars more cluttered 16. Downdraft carburetor from supplier Solex 17. Spare tire always stowed in prow of car  18. Fuel filler remains under hood until 1968 model

Originally a 985 cc unit, the air-cooled flat-four engine entered production after World War II with a capacity of 1,131 cc and a power output of 24 bhp. In 1954 the engine was enlarged to 1,192 cc. A new 1300 model was introduced for 1966, and was joined by a 1500 variant for 1967. In 1970 the 1,584 cc 1302S replaced this. The new engine had an output of 50 bhp-a modest figure true to the Volkswagen philosophy.

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