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The Taj Mahal Complex

The Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Complex consists of:

At the south end of the site, workers began building the market quarter. Two cross streets formed the bazaar, a group of small shops. At the four corners of the market, they built caravanserais. A caravanserai is an inn for travelers. The south gate separates the market quarter from the next section, the forecourt. The forecourt also has gates on its east and west sides. Visitors to Mumtaz Mahal’s tomb could enter through those gates and dismount their horses and elephants. The forecourt gave them a space to prepare to enter the more sacred and peaceful parts of the complex.

From the forecourt, visitors passed through the gate. The great gate is made of sandstone trimmed in white marble. The main entrance is through a pointed arch. At each corner of the gate is an eight-sided tower topped by a small dome. On the other side of the great gate, workers prepared the garden. A long, narrow pool with fountains runs through the center of the garden. Workers also began planting trees so that the trees would be grown by the time the Taj Mahal was finished.

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