Rolls Royce Silver Ghost interior

Rolls Royce interior

  • 8. West of England cloth trims at rear
  • 9. Jump seat
  • 10. Overhead light
  • 11. Vanity box with clock
  • 12. Detailing around door pull worthy of an Edwardian drawing room
  • 13. Intercom to chauffeur
  • 14. Fuel mixture, ignition timing, and engine speed controlled from steering wheel
  • 15. Dashboard is spare and functional
  • 16. Mileage gauge
  • 17. Close-set gear lever and handbrake

The rear compartment is a magnificent reproduction of the Rothschild original. Flamboyant interiors were often found on the 40/50 hp. In 1921 an Indian maharajah commissioned two cars with interior fittings in gold, silver, and mother-of-pearl, and trimmed in mauve silk: The cost was L 6,000 a car, at a time when a humble Morris started at L 299.