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Morgan Aero 8 2001–09

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The first all-new offering from Morgan since 1936, the Aero 8 combined modern mechanicals and advanced construction with traditional looks. Its structure was based on a bonded and riveted aluminum chassis tub, attached to a wood frame for the body. In 2008–09 a hundred of a closed coupé version, the AeroMax, were built, and in 2010 the Aero SuperSports, with lift-off roof sections, replaced the original drophead Aero 8.

From three wheels to four

H.F.S. Morgan unveiled his first car in 1910-a three-wheeler with a single rear wheel. “Trikes” were made until 1952, but in 1936 Morgan introduced a four-wheel sports car, the 4/4. The firm is currently run by the grandson of “HFS.”

When Morgan announced the Aero 8 in 2000, the shock was considerable. The cars of the small family-run British company had been largely unchanged since the 1930s. They had a separate chassis, a body with a wooden frame, and board-hard suspension, independent only at the front. The Aero 8, developed from a Morgan racing car, changed all that. The aluminum panels on the body were heat-formed rather than painstakingly shaped by hand. But the lightweight aluminum tub was only the start; underneath was supple, racing-type, all-independent suspension with inboard springs and dampers, and the steering was power-assisted.

The car also featured electric windows in place of a regular Morgan’s lift-off sliding sidescreens. At launch, the price was twice that of the cheapest traditional models still in production.
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