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Universal Locomotive Rh 2016

Universal Electric Locomotive

Universal Locomotive Rh 2016
for Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB

Since 1998, ÖBB has ordered a total of 100 diesel-electric locomotives with a rating of 2,000 kW at the wheel rim in several batches from Siemens AG Austria.

Universal Locomotive Rh 2016

Type Rh 2016
Wheel arrangement
Diesel engine rating [kW]
Starting tractive effort [kN]
Maximum speed [km/h]
Weight [t]
Track gauge [mm]
Numbers built

Scope of application

The multi-purpose locomotives are designed for universal use in both freight and passenger services.

Technical features

As the launching customer, ÖBB planned the replace ment of its existing mainline diesel-electric loco motives and presented a list of requirements that is representative for European mainline dieselelectric locomotives and exemplary in its environmental standards. For this reason, Siemens developed the Universal Locomotive Rh 2016 as the base vehicle for the versatile Eurorunner product platform. It corresponds to the Class ER20. Fuel-saving, low-emission diesel engines offer customers a perfect alternative in view of the expected emission limits for railbound vehicles. The AC power transmission supplies the onboard power supply system with minimum extra effort and provides excellent efficiency over the entire range of speeds and tractive efforts; given the expected development of energy costs, this is a decisive factor in the selection of a power transmission technology.


Ecofriendliness, high efficiency, low track wear, and a passive safety are significant advantages for the customers. Adhering to the exemplarily strict Austrian legislation for noise emission, the Universal Locomotive Rh 2016 is the world’s quietest diesel-electric locomotive in the 2 MW class.

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