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Universal Locomotive LE 4700

Universal Electric Locomotive

Universal Locomotive LE 4700
for Portuguese Railways CP

In January 2006, Portuguese Railways CP ordered 15 electric locomotives from Siemens. The locomotives with the class designation LE 4700 are based on the Eurosprinter platform and were designed for the Portuguese broad-gauge network. An option for a further 10 vehicles was exercised in July 2007.

Universal Locomotive LE 4700

Type LE 4700
2007 – 2009
Wheel arrangement
Power system
25 kV / 50 Hz
Rating [kW]
Starting tractive effort [kN]
Maximum speed [km/h]
Weight [t]
Track  gauge [mm]
1,668 / 1,435
Numbers built

Scope of application

The 4,600 kW powerful vehicles are designed for use both in passenger and freight traffic and are equipped for future conversion to the European standard gauges.

Technical features

Locomotive body and the driver’s cab were designed according to current European legislation pertaining to TSI crash standards. Key parts of the drive and braking systems are of redundant design and can be partially switched off to ensure operability of the unit even in the case of a fault. The locomotive is designed for operation in Southern Europe at temperatures up to +45 °C. In addition to the diagnostics displays and an analog operating state display, the locomotive is equipped with country-specific train control systems (CONVEL), a train radio system and operations control systems.


Thanks to a wheelset exchange feature, the newly developed bogies allow simple adaptation to both track gauges used in Portugal, i.e. standard gauge and broad gauge. The vehicles replace old vehicles in the Portuguese fleet, thereby increasing the operator’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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