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Locomotion No1 1825

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Locomotion No1 1825

Asked to name the first steam locomotive  in  the world, the average man in the street would plump for either Locomotion or Rocket. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, for, apart from the two featured on the previous spread, there were numerous others. In the case of Locomotion No. 1, the misconception is believed to arise partly as a result of its number and partly from the fact that it was the first to run on the pioneering passenger line - the Stockton & Darlington Railway.

Locomotion No1 1825

Locomotion No1 1825
Introduced  1825
Designer  Stephenson

Boiler pressure  50psi
Driving wheel dia  3ft  11 in

Cylinders (2)  9,5  x  24in

Weight (loco)  6,5  tons

Withdrawn/Preserved (original) 1857 / National Collection

The loco was designed by George Stephenson and built at the Robert Stephenson & Co works in Newcastle, hauling the historic inaugural train on the S&D on September 27, 1825. (There had been an earlier public passenger-carrying railway, at Oystcrmouth, in South Wales, but that used horse traction).

Despite a fatal boiler explosion three years later and conversion to stationary engine status in 1841, Locomotion
remained in use until 1857 and was then preserved, firstly at Hopetown, Darlington, then on Darlington Bank Top station (1892 to 1975) and finally at the towns North Road museum, where it is on long-tern loan from the National Railway Museum.

Its frail nature means it is not suitable for anything other than static display, so when the time came for the Stockton & Darlington 150th anniversary celebrations in 1975, a working replica was built to take part in the cavalcade at Shildon. Today the replica can normally be found at the Beamish industrial museum in County Durham.

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