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Freight Locomotive 3800 Class

Freight Locomotive

Freight Locomotive 3800 Class
for Queensland Rail QR

Queensland Rail, Australia’s largest railway operator, first placed an order for 20 electric freight locomotives in April 2006 and then another for 25 in 2008. These new units are being designed and built in the locomotive plant in Munich. The electric equipment is largely the same as that used on the 3700 Class. Delivery is scheduled for 2008 and 2009.

Freight Locomotive 3800 Class

Type 3800 Class
2007 – 2010
Wheel arrangement
Power system
25 kV / 50 Hz
Rating [kW]
Starting tractive effort [kN]
Maximum speed [km/h]
Weight [t]
Track gauge [mm]
Numbers built

Scope of application

The new electric Freight Locomotive of the 3800 Class support the railway operator QR in its plans to increase the transport capacity for coal from 157 million tons to 250 million tons by 2010.

Technical features

The components of the Freight Locomotive 3700 Class, combined with a new mechanical system, made it possible to increase the tractive effort further to 525 kN. The locomotives are equipped with air brakes and a remote control system (Distributed Power, DP) according to AAR standard. The entire mechanical part is designed for the special environmental conditions, above all for the high dust contamination in coal transport operations.


The locomotives that are especially designed to haul coal trains feature advanced technology to achieve a considerable increase of the transport capacity. The permitted load per locomotive is 1.7 times higher than with the existing vehicles of Queensland Rail. While the electric equipment offers the same benefits with respect to life cycle costs as the Freight Locomotive 3700 Class project, the newly developed mechanical system features additional improvements with respect to robustness and maintainability. The weight was increased to the maximum 132 tons permitted for QR’s coal lines, resulting in higher productivity of the vehicles.
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