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Freight Locomotive 3700 Class

Freight Locomotive

Freight Locomotive 3700 Class
for Queensland Rail QR

In March 2003, Queensland Rail placed the order for a complete modernization of the locomotives of the 3100 / 3200 Class. After three prototypes, the follow-up order for 60 production locomotives was placed in 2005. The retrofit comprises the entire traction, auxiliaries and control system. The work was carried out at the consortium partner United Group Rail Ltd. in Australia.

Freight Locomotive 3700 Class

Type 3700 Class
2005 (prototypes) / 2007 – 2011
Wheel arrangement
Power system
25 kV / 50 Hz
Rating [kW]
Starting tractive effort [kN]
Maximum speed [km/h]
Weight [t]
Track gauge [mm]
Numbers built
3 prototypes / 60

Scope of application

The vehicles are specially designed for coal transport operations in Queensland. In this application, the locomotives must meet the highest requirements with respect to tractive effort and reliability since they are exposed to high temperatures, heavy rainfall and extreme dust contamination.

Technical features

The equipment is specially designed for the narrow vehicle clearance profile and the special requirements of QR’s coal train routes. The dustproof components provide outstanding performance for a narrow-gauge railway. Special features include the remote control (Distributed Power, DP) and the rheostatic brake with 4 MW of continuous braking effort.


Compared to existing locomotives, the modernized vehicles feature an increase of 35% in power and of 33% in tractive effort. The continuous tractive effort is even 80% higher. This enables three Freight Locomotives 3700 Class to haul the same trains that used to require five 3100 / 3200 Class locomotives. These trains can weigh about 13,000 metric tons and can be two kilometers long. The low-maintenance AC three-phase traction system by Siemens using IGBT converters has greatly reduced the maintenance effort and increased the reliability of the vehicle. The power electric brake permits safe downhill operation of the loaded train with low wear.
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