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Electric Double Locomotive DJ 1

Electric Double Locomotive

Electric Double Locomotive DJ 1
for Chinese Railways CR

In 1997, a financing agreement was signed between the Ministry of Railways and the Chinese government to secure a technology transfer contract with Siemens AG.

Electric Double Locomotive DJ 1

Type DJ 1
2000 – 2001
Wheel arrangement
2 (Bo’Bo’)
Power system
25 kV / 50 Hz
Rating [kW]
2 x 3,200
Starting tractive effort [kN]
700 (760)
Maximum speed [km/h]
Weight [t]
2 x 92 (100)
Track gauge [mm]
Numbers built

Siemens built the first 3 double locomotives in Austria and the remaining 17 locomotives in the context of the joint venture with the Chinese locomotive plant Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company Ltd. These vehicles Electric Double Locomotive DJ 1 were the first modern, reliable electric locomotives with three-phase AC propulsion technology to be deployed in China. They are used for heavyduty freight operations with unit coal trains on the Daquin line.

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