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Lincoln-Zephyr exterior

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Attention to detail was evident on the Lincoln-Zephyr, but marketing material also stressed the benefits of the combined chassis and body unit-“No other gives the same protection, the same comfort.” Although the svelte profiles were gradually given straighter edges from 1942 onward, by this time the Zephyr had made its mark as America’s aerodynamic style leader.

1. Hood ornament also serves as hood-opening mechanism 2. Grille-mounted badge  3. Teardrop headlights in Art Deco style 4. In 1938 the grille was reduced in size and moved lower down the front end  5. Cooling vent imitates style of grille   6. External hinge on door   7. Elegant door handles  8. Whitewall tyres on 17 in wheels   9. Pop-up indicator  10. “Wing” side window and door mirror   11. Tail light continues the fluid styling theme  12. Trunk-release handle
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