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Making Clothes

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Prehistoric peaple
Prehistoric people

Prehistoric people wore simple clothes made from animal skins, and added jewelry and ornaments made from shells, bones and feathers.

These were sometimes made from fur, although this could be very bulky. More often the fur was removed from the animal hide. However, people did wear fur boots, tied onto their feet and legs with leather laces. The first clothes were probably simple tunics, trousers, string skirts, belts, and cloaks.Then they were washed and stretched out taut to stop them from shrinking as they dried. Once the hides had been thoroughly stretched, the leather was softened before being cut into suitable pieces for clothing. Then a sharp, pointed stone was used to punch a line of holes along the edges of the leather pieces. The holes made it easier to pass a bone needle through the hide and sew the pieces together, using sinew. To make clothing, animal hides were first pegged out on the ground and scraped clean, using a sharpened animal bone or sharp-edged stone.

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