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The Ancient World and Fashion


No Ancient Egyptian costume was complete without a selection of jewelry. Even poorer people wore necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Poor people’ s jewelry was made from ,...                   Continue  Reading: more >>

Ancient Romans

The Roman Empire began as a small community of farmers living on the banks of the Tiber River in Italy. Gradually, the farming villages grew into a town and then into a city,...                   Continue  Reading: more >>

Making Clothes
Prehistoric people
Making Clothes

These were sometimes made from fur, although this could be very bulky However, people did wear fur boots, tied onto their feet and legs with leather laces. The first clothes were probably simple tunics, trousers, string skirts, belts, and cloaks,...

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Egyptian beauty care
Egyptian beauty care
Ancient Egypt Jewelry

Egyptian cosmetics were made from finely ground minerals mixed with oils. Green and black eyeliners were made from malachite (copper ore) and galena (a type of lead), while red ocher was used for lipstick and blush. The Egyptians took a lot of care over making up their eyes; they outlined them with heavy lines, which drew attention to the beauty of the eyes and also helped to shield them from the glare of the sun.       Continue  Reading: more >>

Barbarians and Celts

Although the Romans were very successful at conquering the peoples of Europe, there were some tribes who resisted them. The Roman army fought constant battles with the Celtic people, while tribes of Germanic people from northeastern Europe launched frequent attacks on the empire’s borders.              Continue  Reading: more >>


The culture of the Hittites was Indo-European. Their language was Indo-European. To this day it is unknown where the Hittites came from. Some say the Hittites came from Europe, and other say central Asia. The Bible says the Hittites decended from Heth, a son of Canaan,...                   Continue  Reading: more >>

Ancient Japan

The earliest people in Japan lived as hunter-gatherers, hunting, fishing, and collecting nuts and berries.Then, around 500 BCE, settlers arrived from China and Korea. They brought new skills, such as metalworking and farming, and people began to live in tribes, ruled by chieftains,...                  Continue  Reading: more >>

South America

They kept llamas, alpacas,and guinea pigs for their meat and wool, which was used to weave blankets and cloaks. Between 1800 and 900 BCE the Chavin people created the first civilization in South America. They were skilled stoneworkers who built huge,...                  Continue  Reading: more >>

Ancient India

India has a rich early history. The Indus valley civilization, which flourished between 2600 and 2000 BCE, was larger than any other empire of the time. The Aryan people, who arrived in India around 1500 BCE, introduced the religion of Hinduism, while Buddhism also began in India around 500 BCE. The Gupta Empire of the fourth to the sixth centuries CE is famous for its painting, music, and dance,...                   Continue  Reading: more >>

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