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Early Decorations

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Even in the earliest civilizations, color and pattern were very important.This painted plaque from the twelfth century BCE shows a woman from Nubia (in North Africa) and a man from Syria, both dressed in colorful costumes.

Evidence survives from around 30,000 years ago of hunters decorating their clothes. The mammoth hunters of the Russian plains sewed seashells and feathers onto their tunics. They also made strings of beads from shells and animal teeth, and used ivory from mammoth tusks to make simple bracelets. Archaeologists believe that the mammoth hunters wore these decorations for religious ceremonies and dances.

The painted
The painted

Shells were one of the first materials to be made into jewelry. These very early carved and painted ornaments reflect an ancient tradition of jewelry making.

Cave Paintings

Around 35,000 years ago, people began painting pictures on the walls of caves. Some of these early cave paintings depict semi-human creatures, and experts believe that these figures were probably priests dressed as animals. The painted, dancing figures wear deer antlers attached to their heads, and long wolves’ tails.They also appear to be wearing cloaks made from feathers.

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