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Cosmetics were prepared and stored in jars and bowls, and sometimes in hollow reeds.Makeup was applied with the fingers or with a special wooden applicator.To help them apply their makeup, the rich used mirrors made from highly polished metal. Poor people had to manage by observing their reflections in water!

Ancient Egypt cosmetics

Egyptian cosmetics were made from finely ground minerals mixed with oils. Green and black eyeliners were made from malachite (copper ore) and galena (a type of lead), while red ocher was used for lipstick and blush. The Egyptians took a lot of care over making up their eyes; they outlined them with heavy lines, which drew attention to the beauty of the eyes and also helped to shield them from the glare of the sun.
Green eyeliner was used in the early period, but later black became very popular. Red-brown henna, made from the leaves of the henna tree, was used to paint nails and possibly hands and feet, and henna was also used to dye hair and wigs.
Children had their hair shaved off or cut very short, except for one section that formed a kind of ponytail on one side.This s-shaped lock was called the “side-lock of youth.” Sometimes children wore a fish amulet in their hair, perhaps to protect them from drowning in the Nile.

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