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Clothing Styles

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Clothing Styles 2
Clothing Styles

For thousands of years the basic style of Egyptian clothes remained unchanged.Women wore a simple, tight-fitting, ankle-length dress with two shoulder straps, while men wore a kilt, made from a piece of linen wrapped around the waist and tucked in.

Kilts could be either knee- or ankle-length. In winter, men and women wore cloaks made from thick linen. Tunics and kilts were usually kept plain.Although their clothes could be decorated with beads and feathers, the Egyptian people relied on their jewelry, makeup, and hairstyles to create a dramatic effect. During the time of the New Kingdom, a more elaborate style of dress developed in Egypt.Tunics and cloaks made of very fine, pleated cloth became fashionable for men and women. Over their basic tunic women began to wear a pleated garment that sometimes had a brightly colored fringe and small ornaments hanging from it. Some men wore a long, almost transparent kilt over their short tunic. spectacular pieces made from gold and silver and often set with semiprecious stones and glass.

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