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Canaanites, and Sea Peoples

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Two armed warriors from the army of the Sea Peoples. The soldier on the left wears the distinctive horned helmet of the Sherden tribe.

Cloth from Canaan

To the south of the Hittite empire laythe more peaceful land of Canaan.Most of the Canaanites were farmers and merchants, and Canaan had several thriving ports on the Mediterranean coast.Weavers in Canaan produced a colorful, patterned cloth that was sold by merchants to people all around the Mediterranean.
Wool and linen were dyed in a range of brilliant colors, including scarlet, green, blue, and gold,and bold patterns and borders were woven into the cloth.The people of Canaan made their colorful cloth into striking clothes. Some wore several layers of different patterns, while others preferred a simple, long, white tunic, edged with adramatic band of color.

Two armed warriors from the army of the Sea Peoples

Sea Peoples

Eventually,the Hittite empire was destroyed byan armyof Sea Peoples (also sometimes called Philistines), who originally came from Greece. The Sea Peoples wore short, colorful tunics decorated with bold, contrasting bands of color.They fought with iron-tipped spears and swords,and protected themselves with round, wooden shields. One of their tribes, called the Sherden, wore distinctive battle helmets, crowned by twosmall horns.The horns mayhave had a religious significance or theymayhavesimply been intended to make the warriors appear morefrightening.The warrior Goliath, whose fight against David is recorded in the Bible, was a member of the Sea Peoples.

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