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Duesenberg Model J exterior

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The Model J’s body was always built by outside coachbuilders, but often under the supervision of Duesenberg’s head of styling Gordon Buehrig. This resulted in a certain shared look to many bodies. The most prolific builder of Model J bodies was Murphy of Pasadena, but this particular 1931 car is one of eight with “Tourster” open-touring coachwork by the respected Pennsylvania company Derham.

1. Mascot evokes winged flight 2. Aperture for starting-handle has stylish cover 3. Twin bumper bars  4. Headlights 5. Generously-cut louvres aid engine cooling 6. Opening vent in bodywork 7. Spare wheel   8. Ribbed running-board in chrome  9. Chromed hinges  10. T-shaped door handle  11. Rear light has “STOP” sign   12. Hood irons are wood-reinforced 13. Trunk with drawers

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