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Bentley Continental Supersport 2003

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Bentley Continental Supersport 2003

Bentley Continental Supersport 2003
Origin  United Kingdom
Engine   5,998 cc, W12
Top speed  204 mph (328 km/h)

An attempt to unleash the performance potential of this luxury coupé cued a stripped-out interior, no rear seat, pumped-up suspension, and 630 bhp. A car capable of speeds in excess of 200mph (320km/h) needs brakes every bit as impressive as the engine that powers it.

In the Continental Supersports that stopping power is guaranteed thanks to the largest carbon ceramic brakes ever offered on a production car – immense 420mm, cross-drilled, lightweight discs at the front and 356mm discs at the rear, each with a gloss black, Bentley-branded (front only), 8-piston calliper. The Supersports’ carbon ceramic brakes offer significant benefits over standard cast-iron brake discs. They have shorter pedal travel for immediate response, high effectiveness and a precise pressure point, which brings a level of finesse to the act of braking that is rarely achieved with standard brakes. Carbon ceramics also have the ability to withstand the incredibly high temperatures generated under hard braking from high speeds. This key characteristic prevents the disc from distorting under heavy use and means fade -resistant braking time after time. Rigorous independent testing has shown no reduction in performance during extended high-speed driving. Total exhilaration comes with complete confidence.

Not only are the brakes spectacularly powerful, they are also remarkably light. Combined with lightweight forged alloy wheels, the discs ensure a 20kg reduction in what engineers refer to as the ‘unsprung mass’ of the front axle – namely the movement of the wheels and braking system, which cannot be tempered by the car’s suspension. The lower the unsprung mass of a car, the better its steering response and handling. The Supersports’ brakes are housed within unique, lightweight 20-inch forged alloy wheels, which offer an additional weight saving of 10kg per car, thus further improving the car’s steering response, while the 10-spoke design is as functional as it is striking - its thin blades helping to drive more air over the brake discs for improved cooling.
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