Audi A5 Coupe 2007

Audi A5 Coupe 2007

Audi A5 Coupe 2007

  • Origin Germany
  • Engine 2,967 cc, V6
  • Top speed 155 mph (249 km/h)

Reviving Audi's stylish 1970s coupe, the A5's shape was drawn from the Nuvolari quattro concept car exhibited at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show. With the proportions of a classic Coupé, the sport-styled A5 is one of the most impressive pioneering designs to date.

Sculptured bodywork and aerodynamic lines create a powerful impression of athleticism, reinforced as your eyes follow the trim around muscular wheel arches and along the innovative stretched bonnet design. This dynamic exterior is more than matched by a host of prestigious interior features inside the new A5. The harmonious lines and understated two-tone upholstery emphasise the driver's area while retaining its athletic profile. The precise instrument cluster is fully integrated into the dashboard, while the door controls, trim, armrest and storage compartment combine in a single, effective unit.

Choosing between 2 impressive engines - 1 petrol and 1 diesel - isn't made easier when you realise that each provides an exceptionally powerful, pulse-quickening experience. And with optimised axle-load distribution, driving has never been as satisfying as it is on the A5's 17" alloy wheels.



All A5 petrol engines feature FSI direct-injection - a unique Audi technology originally developed for the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race to deliver increased power and torque as well as enhanced fuel efficiency. The way it does this is, in theory, very simple. Fuel is injected directly into the combustion chambers, 'unthrottling' the engine, reducing heat-loss and increasing output - all whilst reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Ideal for the buyer who wants a sporty, exhilarating drive without the drawbacks of excessive fuel costs or high emissions-based taxation.


All diesel engines from Audi are known as TDI. This impressive technology was originally pioneered by Audi in 1989, marking a departure from the noisy, fuel-thirsty diesel engines of the past. Like its FSI petrol counterpart, the TDI diesel engine is designed for power and performance, with low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The working principle of the TDI engine is based upon precision and compression. A turbocharger supplies fresh air to the engine, ensuring optimum filling of the cylinder. The result - you get the most in terms of performance and economy from every drop of fuel that enters the tank.