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Twite, Acanthis flavirostris

Classification of birds > Passerine Order

Twite, Acanthis flavirostris. Resident; breeds northern England and Scottish Highlands, coastal counties of Ireland, and many islands. Moorland and coastal strips, including cultivated areas Southern coastal areas and moors in winter.
DESCRIPTION: 5 inches. Sexes rather alike and resemble female or juvenile 17. In winter yellow bill distinguishes and male always has pinkish rump. Distinguished from 15 by absence of head markings.
VOICE: Sharp, twanging call note best distinguishing feature. Song like 17, but also more twanging.
HABITS: Much on ground where it hops, but also perches freely, e.g. on roadside fence wires. Often breeds in groups and flocks in autumn, roost socially.
MAY BE CONFUSED With 15, 17.

Twite, Acanthis flavirostris
Twite, Acanthis flavirostris
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