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Starling, Stumus vulgaris

Classification of birds > Passerine Order

Starling, Stumus vulgaris. Resident and winter visitor. General, except parts of western Ireland. Towns, villages, and farms but also sea cliffs in Scotland and Ireland, DESCRIPTION: 8 1/2 inches. Sexes much alike, but female more spotted. Summer male is shown; at other times has varying amount of pale spots. Both sexes much browner on back in winter. Bill dark ui winter. Juveniles at first almost uniform brown but in autumn show brown heads and glossy bodies.
: Chumng alarm, whisde, and cat-call are common notes. Song imitates many other birds experdy.
: All movements fast and bustling; runs rapidly on ground where most feeding takes place. Fast whirrmg flight with stout body and short tail. Social at all times, builduig up into enormous roosts, may be confused with small waders when feeding on shore or marsh. Juveniles often mistaken for rarides, e.g. Rose-coloured Starling.

Starling, Stumus vulgaris
Starling, Stumus vulgaris
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