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Rook, Corvus fiugilegus

Classification of birds > Passerine Order

Rook, Corvus fiugilegus. Resident and winter visitor, but scarce in north-west Scotland. Found generally over agricultural land with small woods.
DESCRIPTION: 19 inches. Sexes alike. Note purple gloss. Where 3 has tight breeches. Rook has plus-fours'. 3 has sloping. Rook has steep, forehead; bill looks longer and thinner. Confusion most likely between 3 and young Rooks which have no white patch on face.
VOICE: Typical caw less hoarse than 2 and 3. Many notes heard at rookeries and roosts.
HABITS: Feeds mainly on ground, walking about slowly. Rather fast flapping flight and soaring evolutions common. Social throughout life. Accompanied in many districts by 5.
MAY BE CONFUSED with 3, 5.

Rook, Corvus fiugilegus
Rook, Corvus fiugilegus
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