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Redpoll, Acanthis flammea

Classification of birds > Passerine Order

Redpoll, Acanthis flammea. Resident, summer and winter visitor; local in southern England, becoming much commoner in north, west, and in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. In winter much as 14. A distinguishable race, the Mealy Redpoll, occurs in small numbers. Breeds in low scrub: thorns, birch and sallow. In winter amongst alders and birches.
: 5 inches. Sexes rather alike. Female and juveniles (not shown) lack pink breast. Mealy Redpoll has cleaner, brighter plumage and shows two pale bars on wing.
: Repeated chittering call shee shee shee shee... uttered in flight. Song much poorer than those of relatives.
: Behaviour much as 14, but call notes quite distinct. Song flights in spring.
with 14 (in silhouette), 17 (in flight).

Redpoll, Acanthis flammea
Redpoll, Acanthis flammea
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