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Linnet, Acanthis cannabina

Classification of birds > Passerine Order

Linnet, Acanthis cannabina. Resident, summer and winter visitor; general except northern Scotland. Gorse heaths, hedgerows and gardens, coastal dunes and links. In winter often in stubbles.
: 5 inches. Sexes differ somewhat. Male shown in spring; loses colour in winter but chestnut back distinguishes from streaky brown female and juvenile (and from 15 and 16).
: Repeated call note on wing, less metallic than 15 and 16, is best guide. Pretty rippling song recalls canary.
: Feeds mainly on ground where it hops. Often breeds in groups and large flocks form in autumn and for roosting.
MAY BE CONFUSED with 15, 16.

Linnet, Acanthis cannabina
Linnet, Acanthis cannabina
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