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Hooded Crow,Corvus corone comix

Classification of birds > Passerine Order

Hooded Crow, Corvus corone comix. Resident Scottish Highlands, Ireland and Man. Winter visitor to east coast, occasionally inland.
DESCRIPTION: 20 inches. Sexes alike. Hybrids with 3 have black on body.
VOICE: Usual note a hoarse caw, often repeated several times.
: Spends much time walking or hopping on ground. Rapping flight with faster beat than 1; soaring uncommon. Rocks quite common in winter and at roosts.
MAY BE CONFUSED with 3 (in silhouette) of which it is now regarded as a geographical race.

Hooded Crow, Corvus corone comix
Hooded Crow, Corvus corone comix
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