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Greenfinch, Carduelischloris

Classification of birds > Passerine Order

Greenfinch, Carduelischloris. Resident and winter visitor; general on British and Irish mainland. Gardens, hedgerows, woodland edge; farmyards in winter. DESCRIPTION: 6 inches. Sexes much alike. Stocky, thick-billed finch with short forked tail. Yellow patches show up in flight. Female duller than male, with some streaking. Juvenile, quite brown, often mistaken for rare relatives, but has yellow on wings and tail.
: Short chip call often repeated rapidly many times; also a much more musical call of two syllables. Male's jee call in spnng and summer distinctive; also warbling song, often uttered in flight.
: Often perches prominently on bushes and trees and feeds on ground where it hops. Male’s slow flapping butterfly flight catches eye in spnng. Flocks in winter, often with other finches.
MAY BE CONFUSED with ii, 14, 20 (female).

Greenfinch, Carduelischloris
Greenfinch, Carduelischloris
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