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Crossbill, Loxia curvirostra

Classification of birds > Passerine Order

Crossbill, Loxia curvirostra. Scottish race, considered by some authorities to be race of Parrot Crossbill, L. pytyopsittacus, is resident, confined to central Highlands; typical race ‘irrupts', then becomes resident, breeding locally East Anglia, Hampshire, perhaps Surrey; has bred in many English and Irish counties. Found in open fir woods, especially Scots pines.
: 6 1/2 inches. Sexes differ. Young males orange-yellow; juvenile grey-green and heavily streaked, lacking cross-bill may be mistaken for 12 but has no bright yellow. Absence of white wing-bar distinguishes all plumages from II.
: Ringingchip chip call, often repeated several times, is louder than similar calls of 12 and 31 and identifies Hying parties. Querulous call from perch tukay, tukayo lengthens into usual song.

Crossbill, Loxia curvirostra
Crossbill, Loxia curvirostra

HABITS: Allows close approach when feeding on trees (cones) or fruiting bushes; only abnormally on ground or when drinking. Parties when feeding resemble small parrots. Song flights in spring. Social at all times. MAY BE CONFUSED with II, 12, 19.

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