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Alfa Romeo 6C exterior

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Weight-saving and aerodynamics were specialities of Zagato. The Milan-based coachbuilder used aluminum over the rigid ladder chassis-slightly shortened on competition cars-to craft light but strong racing versions of the 6C 1750. Most of the examples were painted racing red or scarlet as pictured here-though some buyers chose a less-flattering white. Black wire-spoked wheels were standard.

1. Hood ornament features green victory laurels to represent Alfa’s racing success   2. Large headlight essential for night stages of endurance races  3. Front leaf-spring suspension unit attached directly to chassis  4. Spoked wheels measured 18 in in diameter 5. Engine cover lock 6. Auxiliary light beside windshield  7. Logo of this particular model’s Italian coachbuilder  8. Taillight unit  9. Fuel filler-cap positioned on driver’s side adjacent to luggage compartment   10. Two spare tires doubled up at rear
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